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Tree Removal Melbourne is your most affordable tree removal & trimming company in Melbourne, Victoria and surrounding suburbs. We save home owners time & money without sacrificing any amount of quality to our services and ethics. Found yourself the victim of dangerous or emergency tree removals? We have the cranes, big lift trucks & all the other necessary tools and of course, very experienced tree climbers & ground crew that is second to none. Give us a call. We’re here to save the day.

​We pride ourselves in being the most reputable and affordable tree service company that Melbourne has to offer. With our staff of licensed, insured & certified arborists, we specialize in all of your tree care needs including tree trimming & cutting, stump & tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and more. There isn’t any job that our group of guys can’t handle and the reputation that we have earned speaks for itself.  

WHY Melbourne Tree Removal Guys?

Besides the fact that we can climb trees like spider man and feel like we should star as the next Peter Parker. here are some of the top qualities why our company is awesome!!

Affordable Pricing: We haven’t earned the reputation that we have by over charging our customers and low balling quotes like some of our competitors. We have done so by caring for our customers as much as we do our employees and won’t ever take advantage of you. We know that not everyone didn’t grow up working with or around trees and is why we go over everything in as much detail as you want and won’t leave you wondering where your hard earned money went.  

Experience & Team: With over 25 years of experience in the business under our belt, we guarantee that there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We have had the same group of guys working with us for years and have become a small family to each other. You won’t find another tree company with a more reliable and friendly group of guys that work efficiently with each other to save you time and money. 

Your Time is Valuable: There is really no other way to put this other than I simply guarantee that we will not waste your time or money if you give us a chance. Whether it be an emergency tree removal, or tree doctor & surgeon work, we will never take longer than we need to get the job done. 

We Genuinely Care: The work that we do is the first thing that people see when they come to your home or business and we make it stand out. When working with one of nature’s most precious and beautiful natural resources, we use only the best equipment that is out there to ensure both ours, and your trees, safety. From our tree trimmers, pruners, & cutters; to our stump grinders, we always have the most up-to-date gear. 


I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t think I can iterate enough that we operate with the most honest and genuine crew in the business; that is guarantee. Almost all of us were born and raised in and around Melbourne so we really take pride in the work that we do for our community and where we call home. We value the safety of not only our crew, but to you as well and use every safety precaution that there is, no matter what the size the job may be. We continue to operate under original ownership who have over 30 years in the business, learning from mistakes and becoming masters at what they do. They oversee the rigorous training that every one of our team members have completed to ensure that any and all of your tree care needs are met. Over the past few years we have been quickly becoming one of the areas fastest growing tree service companies around, and we know that we have a reputation to maintain if we want to continue our success. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you so from all of us here, thank you so very much for letting us do what we love and we hope to be here for many years to come. Call us today:


Emergency Tree Removal Service
We are the fastest and most efficient emergency tree removal service in Melbourne. We make situations like these a priority and continue to impress our clients with the speed at which we work at to completely remove any fallen or damaged trees that can be extremely hazardous if not dealt with promptly. Although we hope that you don’t need to call us for this situation, you shouldn’t trust anyone else to clean up if it does. With the experience that this company has, we have become experts at determining which trees are at the most risk of falling in future storms and want to help you prevent any damage to your property. We are more than happy to come and see if there might be any trees on your property at risk and will give you a free quote on what we think would be the best and safest route to take. 

Tree Pruning & Trimming
Are there trees that are beautiful parts of your home but have gotten to the point they are blocking off too much sun from your lawn? Maybe only a few thick limbs are starting to grow into other trees or parts of your house? There are a wide variety of ways to cut and prune trees and we have mastered them all. The way a tree is pruned or cut can greatly effect the looks and overall well being depending on the species, age, and size of the tree. Let our licensed & insured arborists impress you with their knowledge and discuss some of their ideas for both long term, and short term plans. 

Stump Grinding & Removal
Not only are stumps not the most attractive thing in someone’s yard, they can also be potential health hazards to you and nearby trees and plant life. Certain fungi grows off decaying trees and can easily spread if not dealt with quickly. Children are also at risk if playing outside near a stump with potentially sharp edges. Let us prevent any of that from happening and make it seem like it was never even there. We own and operate a number of different machines to do these procedures that allows us to safely and carefully remove any size stump on any angle of land. We will also discuss future plans for the area with you and that will determine how deep we want to dig in and can advise you on what to do when we’re gone.  

No obligation and no pressure, we will come to your home or business to do a FREE evaluation and will go over in detail what we think would be the best for you. We don’t do any hidden fees or charges and will make sure you are 100% up to speed with everything before we go any further. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and let our knowledge and experience speak for itself.

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Arborist is a tree surgeon in the simplest terms. They are generally focusing on the health and safety of
plants and trees rather than cutting them down or removing them to harvest wood and timber. Hence,
the domain or the expertise of an arborist is completely different from tree cutter or logger.

Maintaining trees, shaping branches, lopping limbs, treating trees with necessary fertilizers and
insecticides, removing decaying or dead trees and advising on all general tree care procedures are some
of the stuff arborists are entitled to carry out.

By definition, an Arborist is a person who is well trained in the a and science of planting, caring and
maintaining individual trees and plants. They are quite knowledgeable in what they do, as they can
easily and comfortably identify the needs of trees and plants and also they are highly professional and
properly trained to handle special equipment and devices used to provide proper service. Becoming an
arborist does not happen over one night. The proper and sound education is essential. Along with that,
it takes years of practice and hands on experience to become n expert in this field. So, it is obvious that
we cannot take this job lightly.

Trees are always near power lines. Access is quite confusion in such scenario, the arborist s definitely
having an immense risk. In such scenarios, they require a special courses and education workshops to
handle them. Also, there might be complex and really tall trees which the life of an arborist is made
extremely difficult.

Why an Arborist is important?

First and foremost, well-qualified and certified arborists know what he is doing with trees that we don’t have any idea about. They are properly trained in cultivation and taking care of trees including tress surgery, ill diagnosis, possible treatments and methods to prevent/avoid breeding tree diseases.  A good arborist can always tell what is going on with trees or plants, just by having a quick glance over it.

Hiring an arborist is not a light decision. It is definitely an investment which can lead you to obtain substantial financial and economic benefits and returns. Properly maintained and cared trees can definitely add an extra value and an aesthetically pleasing look o your home, property or basically anything. At the same time poorly maintained ill trees can be dangerous in safety regards to both you and the surrounding neighboring community as well. It is a huge liability you have to carry in such cases.

It is obvious that these scenarios are quite crucial. This is why you are definitely going to need an arborist. There professional expertise and ability and proper training to handle equipment with an extreme care is coming in a quite handy manner. They are well trained to operate special equipment such as chainsaw , climbing tall trees and cutting trees from heights. It will definitely save you a heavy burden from our heads for sure .

What arborist services are provided?

  • Getting a Tree Removal Permit:
    • We offer high quality service upon obtaining a tree removal permit from your local council. Each council has its own policies, rules and regulations with regards to tree removal. You cannot just rip off a tree as you need. It comprises many factors such as the size of the tree, where you live etc. Some local councils have defined tree preserve areas as they need to preserve certain tree types which are old and valuable.
    • Did you Know??? You can remove close by trees (within 10m) around your house with no permit, IF YOU ARE IN A FIRE PRONE AREA.


  • Arborist Reports:
    • We have years of experience of providing high standard Arborist Reports. We are looking at every possible aspect before commencing the consultancy work as we are concentrating to provide a comprehensive and unmatchable service to you which you cannot obtain from any other in Melbourne.
    • Preliminary Investigations and Site Checks will be conducted to assess the condition of the tree and make necessary recommendations. Here, we will be looking for physical attributes which there might be a possibility to cause any major or minor problem including property damages and human injuries.
    • We might move on to the next step – Detailed Survey & Investigation, based on the results we obtained in the Preliminary Investigations. Here, we focus on the structural instabilities of the tree and the possible internal defects which might have caused them. Also, we work on identifying tree diseases and pesticide attacks upon the tree which might cause such scenarios. This is where our expertise knowledge comes to the role play.
    • Finally, we prepare the sequence of these incidents we found during the investigation, in order to analyze them. Finally, we come out with the Detailed Arborist Report and we can guarantee that you get the premium service from us.


  • Emergency Tree Care:
    • Our team is in operation 24x7, 365 days in any kind of tree emergency service. We will quickly appear in front of your door step to make your life easy. We are careful in handling emergency call outs, as we have a separate set up for emergency services itself.
    • Safety is our first concern at any cost. We will help you to minimize or eliminate the risk and impact from the trees to your residence, property or building. We kindly request you, please have a look around. Trees don’t talk; you have to look for them. Don’t wait until the situation become worse. If you have an instinct of tree emergency from a surrounding tree, arrange a site inspection with our team.
    • With decades of expertise in tree emergency services, we guarantee you a hassle free, high quality service which will keep you safe from trees.


  • Tree Planting
    • We are expertise in planting of any kind of trees in any scale and we cover each and every aspect related. We have a highly qualified team with years of experience to serve you and guarantee you the highest quality outcome.
    • We provide you the service starting from tree selection, tree planting sequence and ordering, tree stocking, plant watering, fertilizing, after care, tree auditing, managing data and identifying tree diseases and hazards.
    • We establish a highly professional relationship with the customer, so we do not cut the connection once the project is done, but we are always available for you to assist in any kind of complication regarding the trees.


  • Plant Health and Maintenance:
    • We know how important the trees and plants are for you. They are aesthetically pleasing in landscapes and gardening and most importantly, they help us to live. But with your routine life with very tight and busy schedules, you have to neglect tree and plant caring. Trees are said to be like humans. When they are neglected, automatically that leads them to be unhealthy which comes out unsafe later.
    • We are here to assist you to take a good care of your trees and plants. We execute a simple maintenance program which is highly reliable and most importantly, affordable. We ensure that you will have better looking, healthy and lovable trees in your garden or property.
    • Also, we will keep track recording of the plant health care too. We will also look for any possible tree disease, insect attack or any other related problem free of charge.


  • Other Services:
    • There are hundreds of tree services and all are not listed here. But, we are capable of providing any service related to trees with our experienced crew such as cabling and bracing trees, risk assessments etc.


Choosing an arborist

  • First, check for arborist certification. Certified Arborists are experienced and reliable professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care.
  • Ask for proof of insurance and then phone the insurance company if you are not satisfied. A reputable arborist carries personal and property damage insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Check for necessary permits and licenses. Some councils require contractors to apply for permits and/or to apply for a license before they are able to work.
  • Ask for previous references to find out where the company has done work similar to what you are requesting. Don’t hesitate to check references or visit other work sites where the company or individual has done tree work.
  • Get more than one estimate from different companies, unless you know and are comfortable with the arborist. You may have to pay for the estimates, and it will take more time, but it will be worth the investment.
  • Don’t always accept the lowest bid. You should examine the credentials and the written specifications of the firms that submitted bids and determine the best combination of price, work to be done, skill, and professionalism to protect your substantial investment.
  • Be wary of individuals who go door-to-door and offer bargains for performing tree work. Most reputable companies are too busy to solicit work in this manner.
  • Keep in mind that good arborists will perform only industry accepted practices. For example, practices such as topping a tree, removing an excessive amount of live wood, using climbing spikes on trees that are not being removed, and removing or disfiguring living trees without just cause are improper practices and violate industry standards.
  • Get it in writing. Most reputable arborists have their clients sign a contract. Be sure to read the contract carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as: When will the work be started and completed? — Who will be responsible for clean-up? — Is this the total price? — What are the terms of payment? — If I would like more to be done, what is your hourly rate?


Why you should choose us?

Firstly, we are highly qualified, certified tree services team with all the required certifications to ensure you the highest quality service.

We are quite knowledgeable about the field not just trees, but also the equipment handling, manual handling, safety precautions, safety of surrounding in accordance with the Australian standards and specifications.

Here are some of the benefits you are entitled if you hire us,

  • Expertise and knowledge of trees and tree care.
  • Proper tree care.
  • Excellent after service
  • Proper insurance guarantee
  • High concentration on site safety
  • High tech equipment
  • Friendly and responsive professional team
  • Dedication and passion to tree maintenance
  • Ability to educate you about trees
  • Increase property value and add aesthetics
  • Availability on emergencies

We know the importance of trees and plants to you. We request you to have a good look at the profile of your tree caring partner. This is definitely a future investment, so make the correct decision. It should not be definitely us, but chose wisely.

Quick Tip: Cheapest is not always the best. It is important to think about the quality service too. Look at the testimonials and recommendations upon the tree service.  Choose wisely. . .    

Areas We Service

Melbourne CBD 3000 Carlton 3053 East Melbourne 3002 South Melbourne 3205 Southbank 3006 Parkville 3052 West Melbourne 3003 South Yarra 3141 Elwood 3184 Balaclava 3183 Albert Park 3206 Port Melbourne 3207 Docklands 3008 St Kilda 3182 Abbotsford 3067 Collingwood 3066 Fitzroy 3065 Richmond 3121 Bundoora 3083 Greensborough 3088 Heidelberg 3084 Macleod 3085 Ivanhoe 3079 Rosanna 3084 Northcote 3070 Reservoir 3073 Preston 3072 Thornbury 3071 Broadmeadows 3047 Campbellfield 3061  Craigieburn 3064 Gladstone Park 3043 Melbourne Airport 3045  Roxburgh Park 3064  Somerton 3062 Sunbury 3429  Tullamarine 3043 Airport West 3042  Ascot Vale 3032 Essendon 3040  Moonee Ponds 3039 Brunswick 3056 Coburg 3058 Fawkner 3060 Pascoe Vale 3044 Tullamarine 3043 Diamond Creek 3089 South Morang 3752 Ashburton 3147 Balwyn 3103  Camberwell 3124  Glen Iris 3146 Hawthorn 3122 Kew 3101 Surrey Hills 3127 Bayswater 3153  Boronia 3155  Ferntree Gully 3156 Knoxfield 3180 Lysterfield 3156 Rowville 3178 Scoresby 3179 The Basin 3154 Wantirna 3152 Bulleen 3105 Doncaster 3108 Templestowe 3106 Ringwood 3134 Blackburn 3130 Box Hill 3128 Burwood 3125 Forest Hill 3131 Nunawading 3131 Vermont 3133 Belgrave 3160 Mount Dandenong 3767 Beaumaris 3193 Black Rock 3193 Brighton 3186 Cheltenham 3192 Hampton 3188  Highett 3190  Officer 3809 Pakenham 3810 Berwick 3806 Clyde 3978 Cranbourne 3977 Doveton 3177 Endeavour Hills 3802  Eumemmerring 3177  Hallam 3803 Hampton Park 3976 Lynbrook 3975 Narre Warren 3805 Dandenong 3175 Keysborough 3173 Lyndhurst 3975 Noble Park 3174 Springvale 3171 Carrum Downs 3201 Frankston 3199 Langwarrin 3910 Skye 3977 Seaford 3198 Bentleigh 3204 Caulfield 3162 Carnegie 3163  Elsternwick 3185 Gardenvale 3185 Glen Huntly 3163 McKinnon 3204 Murrumbeena 3163 Ormond 3204  Aspendale 3195 Bonbeach 3197  Braeside 3195 Carrum 3197 Chelsea 3196 Cheltenham 3192 Clarinda 3169 Dingley Village 3172 Edithvale 3196 Heatherton 3202 Highett 3190 Mentone 3194 Moorabbin 3189  Mordialloc 3195 Parkdale 3194 Patterson Lakes 3197 Waterways 3195 Ashwood 3147 Chadstone 3148 Clayton 3168 Glen Waverley 3150 Hughesdale 3166 Huntingdale 3166 Mount Waverley 3149 Mulgrave 3170 Notting Hill 3168 Oakleigh 3166 Wheelers Hill 3150 Boneo 3939 Dromana 3936  Flinders 3929 Hastings 3915 Mornington 3931 Mount Eliza 3930 Mount Martha 3934 Portsea 3944 Red Hill 3059 Rosebud 3939 Somerville 3912 Sorrento 3943 Armadale 3143 Kooyong 3144 Malvern 3144 Prahran 3181 Toorak 3142 Windsor 3181 Altona 3018 Altona Meadows 3028 Williamstown 3016 Braybrook 3019 Footscray 3011 Kingsville 3012 Maidstone 3012 Maribyrnong 3032 Seddon 3011 Tottenham 3012 Melton 3337 Melton South 3338 Taylors Hill 3037 Truganina 3029 Hoppers Crossing 3029 Laverton North 3026 Mambourin 3024 Point Cook 3030 Tarneit 3029 Truganina 3029 Werribee 3030 Wyndham Vale 3024

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How to find a good Tree Removal / Tree Service Company in Melbourne

Melbourne and surrounding suburbs have a lot of tree removal and tree services providers you can choose from depending on your suburb, may it be eastern suburbs or southeastern suburbs or Frankston, Mornington & Peninsula areas. They have different styles, different culture, beliefs and different price range as well. Trees are not just a decoration for your home or your lawn. It doesn’t only give us shelter from the heat of the sun and a breath of fresh air but trees are considered as one of the most important natural resources on earth and your property. It protects the health, beauty, and value of your home. Since, your property or your home is one of your most valued assets, and your trees are an important part of it. Due to some natural calamities we can experience storms, typhoons, earthquake and many more. During those times trees can be of help. They can give you a bit of shelter during unexpected rains, they help in sipping the water from flood and of course they also help in making your home a relaxing place there is. 

Although, during high winds and heavy rain in Melbourne, Victoria it can cause damage to your trees and property. Some trees might fell off due to the old age or they already can’t handle the strong winds. After that calamities one would need to do a storm cleanup. During this times we would need to have a good tree service provider or an arborist to help us out because of a lot of providers here in Melbourne, we need to background check each company. You can also get a list of your top 5 companies or those that are near your place them do some research and check them out. Check for their reputation in Melbourne, VIC and surrounding suburbs, check if what there previous clients think of their service. Does that give them a satisfaction or give them more problem. Try also to compare rates, look for the company that gives you a fair rate with regards to your need.

About Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Australia’s smallest state of Victoria, and it is a highly diverse, multicultural, amazing city with many beautiful things to see. Melbourne has a population of more than 4.8 million people and will reach 5.2 million people by the end of June 2019, which is the financial year end in Australia. These stats include the population in major suburbs such as Dandenong, Cranboure, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Frankston, Mornington, Melton, Sunshine, etc.

Melbourne has been selected as the World’s Most Livable City for many years straight because of the city’s beauty, facilities, education and more. You can read all about that here. There are further reasons why it’s been selected as the most livable city on the planet.


Melbourne has vibrant street arts which is really attractive

Melbourne’s street art scene is one of the most vibrant and important in the world. Indeed, sprayed, stencilled alleys like the city centre’s Hosier Lane have become must-see sights; veritable galleries serving up an ever-changing feast of technicolour brilliance.

One of the most attractive train stations is located in Melbourne

Flinders Stree railway station is a beauty which reflect the traditional and historical art of the Melbourne culture. It has roughly 100,000 people passing through it every single day. From Flinders Street Station you can come to Melbourne Tree Removal Guys using the following directions.

Melbourne Tree Removal Guys – Tree Service & Stump Removal

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